Simorgh “Culture of Health“

Short Film, Animation and Poster Festival 2019


1. General

1.1 The international festival of Simorgh is accredited by Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

1.2 The deadline for submissions to the competitions is 21th April, 2019 (date of receipt) for international productions. Submissions must be made via the festival website. Repeated submissions are not possible. A confirmation of the receipt of a submission cannot be provided and contestants can track online. No entry fees are charged.

1.3 Only works are eligible that have not been shown at any other Iran festival before. Productions entering the International Competition must have been completed after 2014.

1.4 According to the festival regulations, the festival secretariat would have the full authority to take legal actions against those applicants whose documents have been falsified. Those participants will be in full charge.

1.5 The permanent secretariat of the festival, in the opinion of the Planning Board and the Arbitration Council, can redefine the announced prizes in the absence of the quality of the works submitted in various categories of the festival.

1.6 Submission of the entry form to the International Simorgh Festival implies unconditional acceptance of these regulations.

1.7 Any dispute concerning the present regulations will be judged and settled by the President of the Festival.

1.8 The permanent secretariat of the festival reserves the right to use the works in any way they see fit by mentioning the creator’s name.



1. Short Film and Animation

This section, consisting of short film and animation, aims at extending support for the student production as well as recognizing the young talents in the field under the theme of "The Culture of Heath".

2.1.1 Requirements:

  • Films lacking technical standards will be omitted
  • Films should have English subtitle
  • The production year should be after the January 2015
  • More than one film could be sent from one filmmaker in different sections
  • Filmmakers aiming to attend the festival with several films should fill out different submission form in our website.
  • Festival secretariat accepts no responsibility for the damages incurred during the submission
  • Filmmakers could not cancel after their film enters the competition section
  • Films not following the announced theme will be omitted
  • Those films approved by the selection committee will be sent to the jury members
  • There is no limitation in quantity for those interest to attend the festival

2. Poster

This section aims at producing outstanding works as well as recognizing the young talents under the theme of “The Culture of Health” in poster section.

2.2.1 Requirements

  • There is no limitation in choosing the technique
  • Each applicant could submit at most three works
  • Size must be minimum A3 and maximum 100*70
  • Copied works would be rejected
  • Works should follow 300dpi resolution and TIF or JPEG format
  • In case jury members ask for PSD, attendees must provide
  • Works not following the theme would be omitted.


3. Entry Requirements

3.1 Applicants must first fill out the festival registration form and enter their personal information at festival website.

3.2 Submitted works must be in high quality and resolution.

3.3 Submission of the works at festival webpage will suffice and there is no need for print.


 4. Selection

4.1 The preselection of the works is made by a group of experts on the arts and healthcare.

4.2 The Final selection, programming and any change in them is proposed by the permanent secretariat of the festival.

4.3 Selected works will be notified via festival official email up to 21th June, 2019.

Please read the Call for entry 2019 at Simorgh website carefully before submitting your works.