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Croatian Short Film Judge at the 9th Simorgh International Festival: Iran is the Only Country Holding an International Festival on Health

Christina kamerich believes that this festival is the only one in the world that is not held for advertisement, rather focuses on individual capabilities.

ANA's Cultural News Correspondent reported that Christina Comrich, the Croatian short film judge, highlighted the importance of health-related festivals, stating: As far as my information and experience on world film festivals goes, Iran is the only country to draw attention to the issue of health through an international festival. Whereas, festivals in Europe merely serve as a means of advertisement, and offer no benefit for the people.
She added: Holding Simorgh Festival has both helped develop the potentials of art students and has raised public awareness about illnesses, which is helpful in maintaining public health. Therefore, art provides the best means to cooperate with other countries, and pave the way to shed light on subjects such as health at an international level.
As for the criteria on judging short films at the intentional festival, she explained: Relevance, narrative, and influence on audience are some of the judging criteria in the short film category. Therefore, those works are awarded that manifest the fine line between different emotions and sentiments.
She further clarified: Participants at Simorgh International Festival are college students, and so the jury is not too much concerned with technical features of the works, and we try to judge them based on non-academic standards.
Comrich concluded: Nurturing an artist does not necessarily need academic education, and ordinary enthusiasts can be transformed  into  artists in advanced workshops.
Publish date: Tuesday، 08 May 2018
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