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The members of committee of short films and documentaries are announced

According to the public relation of ninth Simorgh International Festival, Masoud Ahmadian, Jafar Sanei Moaghadam and Amin Ashrafi are the jury members of Short Film Section and Seyed Hossein Haghgou, Mehdi Ghorbanpour and Mohammad Kart are the jury members of Documentary Section.

Masoud Ahmadian
 He was born in 1965, Tehran. He is graduated in field of Religion and Gnosticism. He was the festival director of 23rd and 24th edition of Children and Youth Film Festival. He has been the office manager of Fajr Film Festival and Children and Youth Film Festival. He has also been the manager of cultural affairs in Farabi Cinema  found ation.
He is now the consultant of the managing director of Farabi Cinema  found ation. Ahmadian was the  script writer of three feature films “Music Box”, “Democracy in Day Light” and “Cyanide”.
Jafar Sanei Moghadam
 Born in 1958, Tehran. He was studied Computer Engineering at Beheshti University. He has been Production and Broadcasting Manager of Zahedan production department, producer of war content in Channel one, Head of provinces affairs at Iran Youth Cinema Society, Directing Manager of IYCS, Director of 2nd Hamedan Short Film Festival, Directing Manager of DEFC, Head of International Festivals of IYCS, Jury of Rural Festival and jury of UNICA Film Festival, Netherland.
Amin Ashrafi
 He is graduated in acting, he is now movie editor, director and documentary film maker. He has been director assistant of some directors such as Bahram Tavakoli, Mona Zandi, Hatef Alimardani, Sadra Abdolahi, Saeed Moterassed, etc.
He has also been the editor of a feature film entitled “Revers Time” and some telefilms and more than 30 short films and documentary. Here are some of the short films he has directed, “South Mehrabad”, “ aftershock”, One guy, Baharestan”, “Abandoned”
Seyed Hossein Haghgou
 He was born in 1956, Tehran. He started his experimental movies at IYCS, he is graduated at Persian Language and Literature. He wrote and directed the play entitled ASCENT.
He was directing manager of IYCS, TV production manager, Vice President of Cultural Department of Mostazafan  found ation, Directing Manager of cinema affairs of Mostazafan  found ation.
He has produced several documentaries and short fiction films for different TV channels. He has also been the manager of cinema department of Hoze Honari and manager of Soureh Cinema Org. He is the member of House of Cinema and vice president of documentary producer society, his last work as the producer was a feature film entitled “  A Span of Heaven”. He has produced some domestic and international TV series.
Mehdi Ghorbanpour
 He was born in 1989. He studied Persian Language and Literature. He produed more than 20 short films and documentaries. He is the  found er, member of policy making council and  exec utive director of Varesh Film Festival, director of 1st international common heritage of neighbor country of Caspian Sea Festival, member of boarding director of Iran short film society, member of policy making council  and festival affairs of IYCS, cinema specialist of Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality, art director and programmer of House of Cinema.
Mohammad kart
 He was born in 1986, Shiraz. He is graduated  from  Cinema Directing and permanent member of House of Cinema. He is the director and producer of severa documentaries. He was jury member of sixth Hasanat Film Festival, member of  select ion committee of 1st Omid Film Festival, member of New Talent Academy of 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival,  jury member of 12th and 13th Nahal Student Film Festival,
Simorgh International Festival retrieved its title  from  mythical Simorgh in Iranian literature that is the curer bird and the modern symbol of medical society, will be held on Spring 2018 in five different sections including theater, film, literature, visual art and music.

Publish date: Saturday، 07 April 2018
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