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Simorgh International Festival Invites the World Artist Students

Hereby, the 9th edition of Simorgh International Festival extends this invitation for the world artist students to participate in the upcoming event.

According to the festival public relations office, 9th edition of Simorgh International Festival has started calling on art galleries, institutes, schools and festivals aiming to promote the level "of communication worldwide as well as motivating students across the globe to submit their artworks under the theme of "Culture of Health".
 The event has extended its invitation to various art centers so far including Lisbon in Portugal, Sorbonne in France, Stanford University in the US, Auckland in New Zealand, Chisholm Larsson Gallery, Indian Modern Art, etc. 
Organizers of the festival seek the expansion of healthy lifestyle and its culture through art and artistic expressions.

Simorgh International Festival which got its name  from  mythical bird credited with possessing great wisdom and being associated with the practice of surgery and medicinal herbs, is due to be held in five categories including theater, film, literature, visual arts and music in April 2018.

Publish date: Friday، 22 December 2017
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